Keep Barnet Parks locked overnight!

Barnet Council propose to remove the current service which locks Barnet park gates overnight. This will mean Cherry Tree Wood being left open all night.

The Friends of Cherry Tree Wood believe that the removal of this service is a false economy as it will lead to increased anti-social behaviour including vandalism, as happened in the past when parks were left unlocked. We are calling upon Barnet Council to ensure that parks continue to be locked at night.

The idea has already been tried in Barnet when Parks were left unlocked between 1999 and 2002. The incoming Conservative Administration said that the cost of locking parks overnight would be offset by the council not having to pay for repairs caused by night-time vandalism. Quite right. What has changed?

Sign the Petition

A final decision will be taken by Barnet Council on 14th March at the Environment Committee. Sign the petition at:

Keep in Touch

We need your support for the Wood. If you can offer help or just want to hear about our activities and what we are getting up to then please drop us an email to:


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