Extend Cherry Tree Wood!

The Friends have put forward a plan to Barnet Council to extend Cherry Tree Wood at the Station Road gate to the High Road taking in the current tarmacked area of Brompton Grove. See area 26a in blue above. Site 26 outlined in red is Park House, currently occupied by Monkey Puzzle nursery which Barnet … Continue reading Extend Cherry Tree Wood!


Did you know?

Finchley District Council purchased Cherry Tree Wood in July 1915 for £3050 from the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England. There was opposition to the purchase. One person desribed the Wood as "... a more unsuitable piece of land for a recreation ground cannot easily be found near Finchley." It is "..virtually a clay heap."

Keep Barnet Parks locked overnight!

Barnet Council propose to remove the current service which locks Barnet park gates overnight. This will mean Cherry Tree Wood being left open all night. The Friends of Cherry Tree Wood believe that the removal of this service is a false economy as it will lead to increased anti-social behaviour including vandalism, as happened in … Continue reading Keep Barnet Parks locked overnight!

Welcome to the Friends of Cherry Tree Wood

Welcome to the Friends of Cherry Tree Wood new website. The Friends Group is a Registered Charity (No. 1060923). We were established back in the 1990's and have campaigned over that period to protect and enhance the park and woodland. We are becoming very active again given the pressure on Local Authority budgets. Our aim … Continue reading Welcome to the Friends of Cherry Tree Wood